Counselling for Adults

Why Counselling?

​First and foremost counselling offers you a space to be and feel heard and understood. Your therapist will support you to think about the changes that you want to make in order to live the life that you want. You might want or need to talk about past experiences and counselling can offer you a safe space to do so, you may want to think about your present or your future and because this is your time you can talk and think about whatever you want to.

Counselling offers you time and space to think about and understand yourself and your thoughts and actions and to understand why you behave the way you do and to make choices about your future.

Counselling offers you space to think about your relationships with others - this may be you alone, or it could be that you attend with your partner, sibling, parent or child.

We also have a limited number of reduced rate counselling sessions. If you are looking for support or counselling following sexual assault we may be able to offer time limited funded sessions. Please email in confidence for more information.

At Hertfordshire Therapy Centre we are able to offer you a huge range of support as we have brought together a wide range of expertise and experience. 

Finally counselling at Hertfordshire Therapy Centre offers you a safe space to be yourself and take the time that you need to find your way through. 

Frequently Asked Questions